What To Expect During Rhinoplasty Recovery

You may experience a headache, some minor pain and discomfort in your nose, and puffiness of the face, after your rhinoplasty procedure and you will need some time to recover. Rhinoplasty Plano recovery means spending at least a day in bed with your head elevated, and being given some medication to help with the pain. Swelling and bruising around the eyes will slowly disappear after peaking in two to three days after the procedure, and using a cold compress can help to relieve much of the swelling.

Recovery after rhinoplasty surgery in planoExpect some slight bleeding during the few days after the procedure, and you may experience stuffiness for several weeks. After a few days, you will have any nasal packing removed, and after a few weeks any splints, dressings and stitches are typically removed too.

Every patient is different when it comes to rhinoplasty recovery, and an experienced and helpful cosmetic surgeon will tell you what to expect during one of several follow up visits at our facility. You can expect to enjoy the positive results of your rhinoplasty after just a few weeks, although full healing can often take up to a year. Always keep in mind when asking for quotes to know that rhinoplasty cost sometimes doesn`t calculate the entire recovery process. So we suggest you ask in advance about the cost concerning the entire process.

After a couple of weeks, any swelling remaining is probably only noticeable by you and your cosmetic surgeon, although minor swelling may be present for a few months. About a week after the procedure, you can expect to resume a sedentary routine, and most of our patients are up and about a few days after their rhinoplasty procedure. Your nose will be numb, making it important to be careful when applying makeup or washing the face, and sunscreen should be used outdoors. Your surgeon may advise you not to touch your nose or wear glasses for a specific length of time, and any bending, stretching or other activity that increases blood pressure should be avoided.

We are proud of our positive and life changing results and we encourage you to look at our gallery of before and after rhinoplasty photographs so you have an idea what to expect.

Risks of Rhinoplasty

The most common reactions during rhinoplasty recovery are a reaction to the anesthesia, a bleeding nose or a minor infection although these complications are rare. You may experience a temporary numbness and some patients develop tiny red spots as a result of small blood vessels bursting. Although our surgeons are the most experienced and skilled in the field, the procedure can sometimes be unpredictable, meaning that very occasionally a second procedure is needed to correct a slight deformity. Any second procedure needed will be minor, and is carried out quickly here in our facility.

The experienced and knowledgeable cosmetic surgeons at Regional Plastic Surgery Center are available to discuss your rhinoplasty procedure, and to answer any questions you may have. It really is possible to change your appearance with a simple yet effective rhinoplasty, and if you want a natural looking nose, contact us today!