Crooked Nose Repair: What Is It And What Does It Involve

Crooked nose refers to a nose that isn’t properly aligned. If you have a crooked nose, then you would notice it when you look at yourself in the mirror and others would notice, if they were staring at you from the front. There are other names for crooked nose, such as shifted nose, misaligned nose, twisted nose, displaced nose and a broken nose to name a few. Many patients who seek out rhinoplasty surgeons in Plano do so because they suffered some sort of injury from playing sports, involved in an accident and things of that nature. However, there are many people who are born with a nose that ends up not aligning properly.

Repairing A Crooked Nose

In many cases, crooked noses can be repaired via surgical reconstruction. Many patients are under the false impression that they cannot repair their crooked noses via surgical reconstruction because it their noses will only revert back to its misaligned shape. The truth is most crooked noses can be restored, which means people can have a normal shaped and aligned nose.

However, it is worth noting that fixing a crooked nose isn’t as easy as it sounds. A twisted nose is equally difficult to fix. If a patient sees a surgeon who uses excellent techniques and is highly trained and experience with performing rhinoplasty procedures, then they should be happy with the results. Some surgeons take a closed rhinoplasty approach to the procedure. This means the surgeon takes a general approach in regards where they will make incisions, such as around the nose, in the nose or both.

“Closed” means there are actually no incisions on the outside of the nose. The surgeon makes the incisions inside or around the nose. This is beneficial because the patient won’t have scars on their nose, which will be more visible. If a surgeon takes this type of approach to rhinoplasty, then they will use an osteotome, which is a surgical instrument that is effective at reshaping the bones located in the nose.

An osteotome can cut bone. What a surgeon may do is use it to cut the nasal bone before they re-position the nose. This tool has an extremely sharp edge, which allows the surgeon to cut along the side of the nose, as well as cut the bone along the top of the bridge.

If you want to get a better idea of how an osteotome is used, then view a few photos. You will notice that the tool goes under the skin and through the nostril. Once the tool is properly positioned, it is used to perform a medial osteotomy, and then a lateral osteotomy is performed. This allows the bones to be moved more easily. The surgeon will then carefully alight the nose back to its proper position. In short, the surgeon will be basically breaking your nose and then restoring it back to its original shape or a more normal shape.

Once the procedure is completed, your nose will need to be kept in place due to the bone needing to heal. This is why the surgeon will place a cast on your nose. This will hold the bones in place. You can expect to wear the cast for a period of five to 10 days. You might feel slight pain due to the swelling, which will likely be mild. However, after two weeks have gone by since the procedure, patients will usually feel like they are back to normal because the swelling subsides.

Crooked Nose Repair And Insurance

In many cases, health insurance company will cover crooked nose repair. What you want to do is check with your insurer to find out if they cover the surgery. If they do not, then don’t stress out and contact a surgeon’s office to find out if they offer payment plans. You might be surprised to learn that this procedure is affordable, and it is well worth spending money on.