Rhinoplasty cost in Plano TX

Rhinoplasty prices Plano TexasEverybody wants to have a healthy and well-proportioned nose, although not all of us are blessed with that, making rhinoplasty in Plano, or nose surgery a realistic option. There are several different types of nose surgery available, and rhinoplasty cost depends on the type of surgery you choose. These options can vary in their results and limitations.

Non-Surgical Nose Jobs

There is no removal or cutting of tissue involved in a non- surgical nose job, and not surprisingly, many people prefer this type of noninvasive procedure. Fillers are injected into the nose, which helps to make any noticeable bumps look a lot smoother, altering the overall appearance of the nose. It’s important to understand that you can’t actually make your nose smaller by using this procedure; it is used for augmentation.

Costs Of Non-Surgical Nose Job

Expect to pay anywhere from around $1,000 to $1,250 for a non-surgical procedure, although costs can vary throughout the country, and also fluctuate based on the status and skill of the surgeon. And the shape and characteristics of your nose can also affect the overall cost of this type of procedure, as well as what you expect the end result to be. In some cases, financing is easily available; it depends on that particular facility.

Deviated Septum

Snoring, pain in the face, difficulty breathing, and snoring can occur if the septum is out of alignment or deviating from a straight line. Your nasal cavity is divided into two by the septum, and if it is out of alignment, it can even lead to more serious issues affecting the nose or throat. Repeated sinus infections and regular nosebleeds can also be a consequence of this condition. A septoplasty is a name given to the procedure to align a deviated septum.

Costs of Surgery For a Deviated Septum

There are no visible scars or bruising as a result of a septoplasty, as the procedure is carried out through the nostrils. Depending on the nature of the surgery, a part of the septum may be removed or can be altered in some way, and the entire procedure usually lasts anywhere from an hour to 90 minutes. Expect to pay between $3,000 and 48,000 for this type of procedure, although it’s also possible for costs to run higher than that. The degree of complexity can affect the overall cost, as can the skill of the surgeon and the area of the country the facility is located in.

Esthetic Rhinoplasty

Improving the shape and appearance of the nose and its proportion to the other facial features is the focus of cosmetic procedures, and not surprisingly it is the most common reason for rhinoplasty. Patients can have a different goal in mind when considering this surgery, such as narrowing the nasal bridge, defining the tip of the nose or simply smoothing over some bumps or blemishes.

Esthetic Rhinoplasty Cost

Around $4,500 is the average cost for a cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure, although again, costs can vary widely. A major factor affecting the cost is the specific needs and desires of the patient, and any specific techniques used can also increase the overall cost. It is common to have other procedures carried out at the same time as the cosmetic surgery, such as fixing a sinus condition or aligning the septum. You should expect to pay at least $8,000 in total if you have one or more procedures carried out at the same time.

Nose Reconstruction Surgery

A traumatic experience or accident, issues caused by having previous nose surgery, or facial tumor removal can all be reasons why reconstruction surgery of the nose is necessary. The appearance of the final nose structure is based on any area of the nose or face that doesn’t have lesions. Any damaged areas can be effectively repaired with tissue that has come from the rib, ear or other parts of the body.

Reconstructive Surgery Costs

You should expect to pay anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 for this type of surgery, and there are various factors that affect the cost. The cost of nose reconstruction can vary based on the size of the lesion, as well as how complex the procedure is. And the different areas of the nose that are affected can also affect the cost, as one or more of the many parts of the nose may need to be addressed.

Recovery Time From Rhinoplasty

Most patients can expect to resume their everyday routine and activities between two and four weeks after having the procedure, although additional procedures are sometimes needed if the surgery is especially complex. Swelling is sometimes an unwanted result of some procedures, and depending on the type of procedure that has been carried out, swelling may be present for between several months and a year.

Insurance For Nose Surgery

Most insurance companies won’t provide coverage for any cosmetic nose job unless that procedure was carried out in conjunction with a required type of surgery. A deviated septum is typically not covered under most insurance plans, although nose reconstruction usually is. As a general rule, if nose surgery is needed to correct any functional issue, it is probably going to be covered by your insurance company.

Rhinoplasty Costs Without Insurance

As previously mentioned, your insurance is probably not going to cover any nose procedure that is strictly for aesthetic reasons, and solely to improve appearance. If you are trying to estimate the cost of your nose procedure, a useful method is to look at statistics and quotes from other rhinoplasty patients, as improving the appearance of the nose is the single biggest reason for most nose jobs. Although there are various factors that affect the exact cost if you are trying to get an idea of rhinoplasty costs, reckon on paying between $5,000 and $10,000.